Monday, November 7, 2016

Vacation in Southern California!

  Our friends, the Jacintos, come to Utah to visit and we figured it was time we should visit their neck of the woods!  They have a vacation rental home right next door to their home, it was the perfect setup.  Best part was they were only a mile from the beach. We left our house around 2 and started the drive.  We stopped in Cedar City for a bathroom break and then Mesquite for dinner.  The girls put on their pajamas and we were back on the road.  Izzy and Cambry fell asleep no problem.  Brielle would fall asleep and then wake up crying, then fall asleep again, then cry, but hey we made it! The drive wasn't as bad as I thought. 
On Friday, we got up, the kids played and then we headed to the beach; look at that gorgeous blue sky!
Izzy, Cambry, Kara, and Mike
Brielle with her Daddy.
Izzy and Alan, she could have played in the water all day.
It was cold, but she didn't care.
Cambry loved playing in the sand.
Just waiting for the waves to come.
They thought standing on one board would be more fun. 
Brielle loved burying herself in the sand. 
Saturday morning, I got up early and went for a run.  The view was gorgeous!
Then we went to a nearby bakery; so many choices. 
Brielle wanted one of everything. 
The kids were all pretty excited about their do-nuts!
On Saturday, we met up with our friends, the Dennys.  They were one of the first families we met when we moved to Highland. Luckily, we had two kids super close in age, Izzy and Owen.  They loved playing together as toddlers.  They haven't seen them in a couple years and when we first got to the beach they were a little unsure, but they quickly warmed up. 
Running from the waves!
Cambry preferred to hang out under the umbrella than play in the water. 
I loved chatting with Kristy on the beach, just like old times.  She is such a sweet, kind hearted person.  It was great spending time with her. 
Cambry loved playing princesses with Kara.  She couldn't get enough of it! We had such a great visit days and the kids got along so well.  Saturday night we went out to dinner at a yummy Italian restaurant.  It was awesome to spend some time with Paul and Elizabeth.  They are an amazing couple and I enjoy being with them.  We will be back for sure! On Sunday we went to church and then that afternoon we headed to the DisneyLand Resort. 

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