Monday, August 15, 2016

Almost 3 weeks in Canada

On Wednesday, July 27, Manina dropped the girls and me off at the airport.  Mike had already left in our car for the beginning of our East coast adventures.  He had some meetings out there so he left about 5 days before us.  Luckily, that meant he had most of the clothes, so I only had to bring the stroller, car seats, and one bag. 

We got there only to find our flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours.  Not exactly the news you want to hear when you're traveling solo with 3 young kids. So what do you do? Eat ice cream!
Trying to pass the time at the airport.  We were supposed to leave at 5pm landing around 11:30 pm.  Instead we didn't leave til 6:30 and landed at 1am.  The flight was a bit of a train wreck.  Brielle did not want to fall asleep until about 30 minutes before we landed. Daddy was there to pick us up and then we drove about 1 1/2 hours to a really cute house in Newport, Rhode Island. 
Daddy loved his lobster in Newport and this is what the girls thought of lobster. From Rhode Island we drove to Mike's Uncle Robert's house.  
Brielle quickly warmed up to Cora with ice cream cones. 
Cambry loving her ice cream at the reunion's food truck. 
Sunday night we had a dinner at Lucie and Alan's house.  All of the cousins loved spending time with each other. Sunday night we drove to Mami and Papi's house.
Monday, Cambry slept til 1.  At first, I thought she was really tired, but when she woke up she was feverish and I knew she wasn't feeling well.  Unfortunately, she spent most of the week sick.  On Friday I finally took her to the doctor and she had a UTI.  She was immediately put on an antibiotic and felt better within 24 hours. YAY!!
This little cutie had lots of fun with cousins to play with.
On Thursday we got out and went on a little walk.  Cambry still wasn't feeling good, but she wanted out for a bit. 
Abi, Izzy, and Benson enjoyed swimming in the pool and racing each other.
This girl is all smiles. 
Mike and I attended Youth Conference in Ottawa, where Mike was a keynote speaker.  He did a wonderful job and really connected with the youth. Then we drove to Mont Tremblant to spend a week with all the Bergeron's under one roof.
There was a swing set in the backyard, which of course got lots of use.
A few of the mornings, we went for a run and got in some workouts. 
There were lots of fun activities and games that the kids played.
Practicing some dance moves.
Papi reading with Brielle.
Some of the cousins on the pier.
Tyler, Elodie, Benson, Izzy, Cambry, Charles, Abi
Cambry, Abi, Izzy, Benson
All of the grandkids:
Bottom: Leah, Cambry, Zeke, McKenzie, Charles, Kayla, Tyler
Top: Elodie, Brielle, Izzy, Gideon, Benson, Abi
Bottom: Zeke, Elodie, Charles, Kayla, Tyler
Top: Abi, Izzy, Cambry, Benson, Gideon, Richard, Leah, Brielle, Louise, Kenzie
This lake was gorgeous.  It was basically the backyard from the house.  It was perfect.
We went to Mont Tremblant one day.  We rode a lift and the kids loved it.
Elodie, Cambry, Abi, and Izzy.
These carts could get going fast!!
Izzy thought the tramp was awesome!
Cambry loved the trampoline.
She went so high!
Lots of fun time was spent on this lake.  The kids enjoyed the paddle boat. 
Love this guy of mine.  He loved all the fishing!
Izzy adores her older cousin, Benson.  Spending a whole week with him was heavenly. 
All these cute kids wanted in on the popcorn. 
Elodie, Brielle, Cambry, Charles,  Zeke, and McKenzie
We celebrated Guillaume's birthday while we were there!
The Bergeron Siblings
Catherine, Christina, Guialluame
Mike and Matt
We got photobombed!
One rainy afternoon we put a movie on for the kids and told them to enjoy! It kept them entertained for almost 2 hours.
Charles, Cambry, Zeke, Benson, Izzy, Elodie, Abi, and Matt
We went to visit Mike's Grandma in her nursing home. 
Cambry, Abi, Grandmaman, Penny, Mike, Elodie, Izzy, Brielle, Cat, Gideon, Benson, Blake
Mike left on Thursday with the car and we stayed in Canada til Saturday.  Richard dropped us off at the airport and the girls ate some breakfast. 
It was all smiles and laughter on the flight home.  The girls were great and Daddy was there to pick us up at the airport when we landed.  It was a great vacation, but we were excited to come home!

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