Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer carnival

The American Fork carnival is something my children always look forward to.  As soon as they start setting up, our kids are asking when we are going. Mike and I have been trying to teach them that not everything comes free, so we wanted for them to work for the rides.  They had to earn checks for doing chores and each check gave them one ticket.  It worked so well!  The kids were asking to do chores so they could earn checks. 
Cambry loved the playhouse that ended with a slide.
Our friends, the Brensans, were there too. Cambry and Hayden enjoying the cars together.
Loving the motorcycles.
Roller coaster time. 
In the car.
I love that Brielle even got in on the fun.
Carousel fun!
Cambry surprised me and wanted to go on the ferris wheel! Jasmine took her. 
Izzy spent the summer riding horses with Vicki!
I loved this picture of Brielle sleeping on Daddy.

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