Monday, May 16, 2016

Spring Break part 2

On Thursday we drove to Monterey.  We found a fun park, Dennis the Menace, and the kids loved playing. 

On Friday we made the 17 mile drive in Monterey.  It was really pretty, but the kids weren't very impressed; they were ready to get to the aquarium. 

Izzy took some great pictures of the sea life.
From Monterey we drove to Visalia to the Myers house.  The Snarrs drove up from Orange County so it was a party.  The best part was the Myers were redoing their kitchen/living room so the house was a construction zone.  But they were still so gracious to let us all stay there.  
The jump house was a hit for the kids.
It was a little chilly for the pool.  This is about as fas as the kids made it in.
The Snarrs brought their bird and Izzy made an instant friend.  She is such an animal lover.
I love these girls.  We have had our fair share of hardships over the years and I am lucky to have them by my side.  We shared so many good times in our Provo neighborhood and it is great to pick up right where you left off.  Loved the late nights laughing, reminiscing, and even learning new stories of each other! The best quote of the weekend was from Melisse, "Don't look at the clock."
Look at all of her kiddos!  Who would have thought?  When we were back in Provo Melisse was the only one with kids-Elsa and Carter. 
Front:Truman, Cambry, Ayla
Middle: Hazel, Izzy
Back: Brielle, Penny, Melisse, Theo, Carter, Elsa, Hudson, Kellie

Izzy and Hazel became such cute friends over the couple of days we were there.
Remember how I mentioned Melisse didn't have a kitchen?! No biggie she still whipped up the best strawberry shortcake. 
Izzy was not happy to leave her new friend. 
Sunday morning we woke up and drove 3 hours back to Oakland.  It was a short flight back home and the kids were great.  I am so grateful we were able to have such a wonderful spring break.  Visiting Rachel and her family in San Francisco was amazing and spending time with friends who you love like family was a great experience too!

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