Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Izzy plays T-ball

Izzy played her first season of t-ball.  Mike got her all outfitted for her game-bag, bat, glove, and balls. It was pretty low key.  Each inning all of the players on the team got to bat.  No one played positions, everyone just lined up around the pitchers mound waiting for the ball.  Izzy would chase people down sometimes and tag them with her glove, even when she didn't have the ball, it was pretty funny.  She enjoyed playing ball with daddy in the backyard and I even went out and showed her my skills :)  I love that she is willing to try all sports, some of my favorite memories are from softball and it all started during my t-ball days on the Bullets.  When I asked her if she liked soccer or t-ball more, she said t-ball because there were more boys on the team!

She's got her bag and she's ready to go.
Love this little girl of mine!
Headed to the field.
Her buddy, Dylan played with her.
The coach trying to explain to them what to do.
In the dugout.
On third base, waiting to score.

Playing in the field.
Luckily for Cambry, Dylan has a little brother, Justin, who Cambry could play with during the games.  She calls him her boyfriend!!
Watching the action.
Loved to play on the pitchers mound.
It was a fun season and hopefully she wants to play again next year!

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