Monday, January 5, 2015

28 weeks pregnant

So I haven't posted at all about this pregnancy.  I'm not sure why because I have actually felt so much better than with Cambry's pregnancy.  So much better that I was convinced it was a boy, but nope another girl!!  
Another girl!

I didn't take any medication during the first trimester, the past pregnancies I have taken Zofran.  I felt nausea and tired, but it was bearable.  I went to the gym most days, but I was moving SLOW. I was so tired, but it was good for the girls to go to the daycare, me to have a break, and really I usually felt better after my workout.  I kept doing cross fit until about 22 weeks and then stopped.  There were so many workouts I couldn't do, so I was only doing cross fit 1-2 times/week, so then I felt it was too expensive since I wasn't using it much.  I am still working out most everyday, I do classes or elliptical or weights. I have been sleeping really well at night, which is maybe because I'm working out, who knows?!

I started Lantus, a slow release insulin, at about 12 weeks.  Then a few weeks later they added humalog, a fast reacting insulin. So essentially every time I eat I give myself a shot, plus the Lantus at night, plus 6 finger pricks a day.  It's awesome, so many shots and pricks!  I have bruises on my stomach and callouses on my fingers.  But I feel good, so I'll take all the shots to feel good.

My platelets have been up and down and all over the place.  They started at about 180 and stayed there until about 22 weeks.  Then they started dropping; at 25 weeks they were down to 140.  I was getting nervous that if they kept dropping, there would be a problem.  At 28 weeks they went up to 184.  I was so happy! It was the best news ever.

Dr. Young thought I was measuring small so he wanted me to meet with a maternal fetal medicine dr because of my complications with previous pregnancies.  She said the baby looked great and was actually measuring big at 3 lbs 11 oz.  She said there is 60-70% chance of developing HELLP again, so we will just have to wait and see how that all plays out.  I ordered some books on Hypnobirthing in case I can't get an epidural again.  In the meantime, I'll just continue to pray that the pregnancy continues to go well.  I can't wait to meet her!!
28 weeks
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