Sunday, November 23, 2014

All about Cambry-2 years

Her pregnancy and delivery were tough, but I wouldn't change a thing.  So lucky and blessed to have Cambry in our lives.  Can't believe she is 2!
Such a sweet angel.
Proud Daddy
Just five days old.  One of my all time favorite pictures. 
For all the trouble she caused me during pregnancy, she made up for it as a baby.  She was perfect, hardly ever cried. 
My little angel
One years old. 
 Love this girl.
I love this picture because I think you can just see her sass and spunk in her face. 
Two years old.

Cambry was awesome at her 2 year old appointment.  Luckily, she only had to get one vaccine.  When the nurse was done, Cambry said, "Sucker!" She had been waiting so patiently for her sucker. Not one tear from that little one.
Here are her stats:
Weight: 29 pounds (78%)
Height: 34 inches (79%)

Cambry is growing so fast.  I love watching her learn, grow, and development.  She is a fun, spunky, determined, sassy 2 year old! Here are some things I want to remember about Cambry:
-She LOVES church.  All morning on Sunday she keeps repeating church, church.  We put her down before church for a nap (we have 1 o'clock church) and she starts yelling, "Church, church."
-She is a social butterfly, when we get to the gym she gets excited and starts saying, "friends, play."  She enjoys being with other kids.  She is still in a hitting phase, although it has gotten better.  When someone takes a toy from her her gets in her space she is likely to hit them.  Unfortunately, Izzy takes a lot of the hits and hair pulling.
-She enjoys being outside, going on walks, and loves to be on the trampoline with Izzy.
-She takes gymnastics and really likes it.  Her favorite part of gymnastics is the trampoline.
-She loves playing with dolls.  She sings to them, puts them to sleep, gives them bottles, wraps them in blankets, etc.  It is really cute to watch.
-She was addicted to her pacifier, but we only let her have it for naps and bedtime now.  She adjusted really well and it almost makes her look forward to bedtime.  She loves to wrap her hair around her pacifier, which was cute at first, but now she pulls her out and then wraps it around her pacifier.  Not a good habit.  I think the pacifier has to go soon. 
-She is really good at going to bed.  She plays in her bed for a while and then falls asleep.  Rarely, if ever, does she cry when you put her to bed. 
We love her so much!  She adds so much joy to our lives.

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