Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family Reunion

Mike, Izzy, and I flew to Texas on Friday, July 22 for a Posey family reunion.  All of my cousins, plus kids, on my mom's side, except one were there.  There were 42 of us total.  We had two lakehouses, 2 boats, and 3 jetskis.  It was a blast! I realized I don't have any pictures from the water because I was too scared to drop my camera in the lake.  But there are plenty on facebook that Kathryn added.    
Saturday was supposed to be my brother's wedding.  Needless to say it was a difficult day, but not as bad as I anticipated.  I had moments where I would think, 'Craig is supposed to get married today,' but something would happen and I was quickly distracted.  On Friday when we were about to leave for the airport I had a breakdown telling Mike I couldn't go because I was supposed to be going for wedding, not a family reunion.  I got it together and the flight was good.  Saturday morning we gave Lindsey (Craig's fiance) a bracelet that we had bought her that had a sweet message engraved on it.  Of course, there were tears. 

 Dennis was even there for the moment.  With a Dr. Pepper of course.  If you know anything about my mom's family, they can drink their Dr. Pepper!
 Izzy wanted in on the Dr. Pepper action.  Really she just liked getting ice out of the cooler and eating it or giving it to Dude.
 Suzette and Jon grilled up some yummy burgers!
Izzy getting more ice, we couldn't keep her out of it. Granted it was 107 outside.

 Suzette and Dennis relaxing in the hammock.
 Izzy would not leave Dude alone.  I think she is licking ice off the porch like he does.  She followed him around nonstop, calling him Maggie.  About three weeks ago we were in Canada and there was a dog named Maggie, I guess she thought he was the same dog.
 Relaxing on the porch was a nightly event.  The sunsets were beautiful.
 Izzy LOVED having so many cousins to play with.  Izzy and Alexis playing together, which they did a lot.  There were about 17 kids between the ages 6-14.  They loved playing with her and Izzy loved them.
 On Sunday we went to the UT Co-op so people could get souvenirs.  The minute Izzy saw the Longhorn, she yelled, 'Bevo.'  She has a stuffed animal one at home.  Of course she wanted to pet him. It was pretty funny.
Playing with Dude's water.
Playing with my cousin, Amber.
Giving Grandma a kiss.
Giving Lindsey a kiss.
Lindsey and I.  She is such a sweetie.  All the kids loved her.
We had such a great trip and I am so glad I was able to be with family.  It was awesome that everyone was able to make it, some flew in from Alaska, and others drove 20+ hours, it was impressive!
Izzy loves her new shades and I think they're pretty cute too!
This past weekend we went out on the lake with some friends.  Izzy was Aislinn's little bud the whole boat trip.  I'm so lucky to have such great friends and family!


Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

What an AWESOME trip!!!! So glad so many came and what a great support during that time;) Love the pics and love you!

aisy said...

Beautiful post Penny! I gotta boat with Izzy again in hopes of getting another snuggle!!!