Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family comes to visit

Mike's uncle, Robert, and cousin, Antoine came to visit for a week.  We were really excited for them to come and had a great time. They got in late Thursday night.  We had been telling Izzy that Antoine was coming to visit so when she woke up Friday morning she kept saying, Antoine, Antoine.  Luckily he woke up soon after her.  

 They went straight to the trampoline still in their pajamas.
 Friday we went to the animal farm.  Izzy loves that place and so did Antoine.
 Izzy trying to feed the sheep.
 Izzy riding the horse.  Seriously she would be in heaven if we lived on a farm.  I walk along beside her, but she holds on by herself.
 Izzy and Antoine playing in the farm play area.
 That afternoon we went to the dinosaur museum.
 Izzy and Antoine.
 She is mad because she wanted to crawl in the area with the shark.
 Saturday we went boating.  I love that her sunglasses match her lifejacket.
 A boating trip would not be complete without Izzy sleeping.  She is the best little boater.
 Antoine LOVED surfing, he would ride on his stomach and knees.  I think Mike and I each went twice and the other 6 hours Antoine was out there.  It was a blast!
 Antoine and Izzy driving the boat
 Monday we went to Seven Peaks.  Izzy is taking her nap under a shade tree.  It's so nice she will sleep anywhere...boat, church, car, 7 Peaks, plane, it really doesn't matter.
 Antoine enjoyed the rides.
 Mike and Robert hung out with Izzy while she slept and Antoine and I rode some rides.
 We finished the evening at Tucanos.  Tuesday we went boating again and Wednesday they headed home.  We had such a fun week!  It always goes by too fast.
 Today we went to a baby blessing for Ayla Snarr.  Kellie and Greg were some of our closest friends in Provo; they live in Cali now.  They blessed their baby in Utah because their family lives here.  It was a beautiful blessing and we were glad to be there.  Afterward, they had a BBQ at a nearby park.  Izzy and Dylan played together on the slides.
Of course, Izzy found a dog and would not leave his side. She threw a fit when we had to leave and she had to tell the dog bye bye.


Rachel Durazzani said...

So much! Love all you're doing. I miss Seven Peaks!

Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

So CUTE all the places Izzy sleeps!!! I love and miss her oh and you too of course:)