Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

This Christmas we flew to Washington DC to be with Mike's family. There were 14 of us under one roof for a week. It was a fun, crazy, exciting week. We were the last to arrive on Saturday evening.
Sunday we all went to church and dressed the kids in their Christmas clothes. This was a great picture of Abi, smiling and everything. Abi is Izzy's favorite word at the moment. She walks around the house saying, A-bi!
The cousins.
All 14 of us.
Sunday night we went to Washington DC temple. We tried to go to a concert that night at the visitor's center, but it was full. We took some pictures and then got out of there because it was freezing!
Izzy loves hanging out with Dana. Maybe Izzy will learn to play the piano one day. She would have a great teacher with Aunt Dana.
Izzy and Abi had a great time playing together.
Danny was a big hit with the kids. Izzy's favorite thing was trying to get food from everyone. She would walk up to everyone and say Guillaume. We were all trying to figure out why she was saying Guillaume for food. Then we figured out, Guillaume has been teaching her to say his name say he would teach her to say his name and then he would reinforce her by giving her food. It was super cute watching her go up to people with food and saying Guillaume.
We went to the Newsuem, which was the best museum I've been to. There was lots of information about media and all the big stories in the history. They had a lot of info on Katrina and 9/11. They also had an interactive floor where you could be a newscaster. So Mike is interviewing Guillaume in this picture.
I love these pajamas so I had to include this picture. The Bergerons had a village set up, of course, Izzy aka the terror, had to destroy it. I found one of the village person's head in her mouth. Oops, I guess she broke one, along with an ornament from the tree.
I will post the rest of Christmas soon....


Ryan said...

It looks like you had a great time!! We will have to get together for New Years Eve when you get back.

Rachel Durazzani said...

Sounds like a good time. What a beautiful family. So fun that you were all together!!! And little Izzy is just beautiful.

Cory&SadieK said...

Wow! how fun and adventurous. I love how she asks for food-so funny. She's a smart little lady!

Lana said...

Izzy looks so cute in her little polka dot outfit and hat! Love it!

Unknown said...

So cute! I love all of Izzy's clothes!

Louise Bergeron said...

Lovely pictures and it was a great time, I miss you all!!! I also need to get my hands on those pictures so I can have some developed.