Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Festivities

Visiting Santa at the Highland City library is always a favorite. 
This year we went to the Christmas Tree Festival at the South Towne Expo for the first time.  The trees were all so beautiful. 
The bubble was pretty cool.
Gingerbread house making is always the favorite activity.  Y'all love eating all the candy!

The ginger bread house turned out great!
While Daddy recovered from his surgery, y'all hung out with him watching TV.
Having Little Bear is always a favorite. 
In December we stayed at our townhouse in Park City for a weekend.
Ellie and Izzy relaxing after a ski lesson. 
Riding the lift at Park City the Canyons. 
Mommy, Daddy, Cambry and Brielle hanging out. 
Izzy on the slopes. 
Cambry showing off her moves at her gymnastics recital. 
Cambry doing a backbend.
Izzy and Santa at the Outlets. 

Brielle wasn't too excited to see Santa. 
Izzy, Ellie, and Gwen at the Apline Aerials gymnastics recital. 
Justin, Zeke, and Cambry getting ready to perform the Bear Hollow Christmas Program. 
Such cuties!
Cambry showing off her moves at her Christmas dance recital. 
Izzy singing at the first grade Christmas performance. 
Izzy and Ellie after the performance. 

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