Friday, December 21, 2012

Cambry is One Month

I can't believe this girl is one month old!  It seems like she should only be 2 weeks; I still have in my mind that she was born in Dec. (her scheduled induction was Dec. 4).  The fact she came in Nov throws me off.  She weighs about 11 pounds and I didn't measure her so I have no idea her length. She wears 0-3 month clothes and can still squeeze into a few newborn pjs. 
She is such a great baby.  She eats well, sleeps well and that's about all she does.  At night she sleeps 3-4 hours at a time occasionally 5 hour stretches.  

Such a cutie! The older she gets the more she reminds me of Izzy as a baby. 

Izzy isn't really interested in holding her so here is a picture sitting by her. 

Izzy wearing a Christmas dress on the Sunday before church.  She is such a sweetie!  

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