Thursday, March 17, 2011

Costa Rica-Things I learned

Whenver you travel you always have certain expecations or how you think things will be.  So these are the things I learned about Costa Rica:

  • The crocodiles were brown, not green like I expected.  It might have been the mud all over them, but they looked brown.
  • You could not put toilet paper in most of the public restrooms.
  • I was surprised how many people spoke English, they said it is pretty common to learn in school.
  • People were very happy and helpful.
  • Many of the homes were made of tin metal sheets.  There were also homes made out of concrete, but all homes had gates around them.
  • Only the main roads were paved, all the side roads were dirt. 
  • Dogs were everywhere, even in the restaurants.
  • Drinking the water or maybe it was eating the food, can do strange things to your stomach!
  • There are no road signs anywhere.
  • There were lots of bus stops and it sucked if you got stuck driving behind a bus.
  • There was not a lot of negotiation in the stores, unlike Mexico.
  • The food was comparable in price to the US, I thought it would be cheaper.
  • Their money system is crazy.  500 colones was about 1 dollar, so it was common for a meal to cost 6000 colones, about $12 dollars.
It was a great trip, with great company. I can't wait for our next adventure!!

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Katie Wiens said...

haaahhahah penny your trip looked like soo much fun!!! was it hard being away from izzy? how did she do!!! miss you guys when do you move?